Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Show off their feats

    Sixth - boasted of his exploits, do not talk about failure. Brag of their exploits, do not tell about the failures. At least the ratio of short stories about the feats and failures should go as a 100/1. Although it can be a small clarification, you can talk about past failures, and then, like you, a hero, it courageously overcame etc.
     And if you have no deeds? This can not be the first thing. But rather suggest the low self-esteem, so you need to work on it. And secondly, is not necessarily very much with his life. One and the same feat can be told several times, woman is even love.
      If you have no feats, and some failures and problems, the Russian woman will think you are a loser who can not provide for his family in the future, to protect her and your children. What comes next after these reflections do not know it, but just not good.
      Just do not overdo it, you need to talk not only about themselves. The woman also wants to talk about his business and listen to your nice words and compliments about her.

     Seventh - Do not be straightforward, like an ass. Do not be straightforward, like an ass, do not be rude. On average, Russian women do not like directness and brutality. Think about what you read in women's novels about men who love Russian woman. This gentlemen, they are gallant, polite, romantic, brave. They help a Russian woman to dress, carrying heavy bags, give way in the queue, etc.
      Profanity, male jokes about how to scare and so unexpectedly, roughness, better forget about it when dealing with women. I'm not saying that sometimes a man may swear, the best course to protect their Russian woman. But not always in the speech.
      If you need something from a Russian woman, you certainly have to say it directly, but only after a lengthy preliminary work and preparation. Just do not care or will not work at all, or if you work, it is still worse than the gradual and soft. Do not just "Let's Have sex." Kiss, hug, dance, say something, then you can and straight.
       And it's not just about sex, but in general everything discussion, travel, etc. One more example. Several times seen in the movies, like a man's birthday. During the day, no one wishes, as if forgotten. In the evening he came to his home, turned on the light, and there is a lot of people, gifts, cake and candles. That is absolutely unprepared person suddenly falls on a holiday. For men it can still somehow work. For a Russian woman to do that you should never. Much greater effect you will achieve if things gradually.
       It is better to discuss the birthday well who to invite, what to cook, what to buy, what kind of program. In the morning, not the evening to congratulate etc. In half the time and money, twice the effect. And the main thing to do is very simple.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Seven female gestures, offering to continue the acquaintance

So, we call women's nonverbal cues, they encourage men to continue dating, but at the same time he expressed his sympathy:

A. Invasion of personal space
This is one of the most common signals that an attractive woman gives a man-companion.
The fact that a Russian woman perfectly feels the distance at which the norms of decency dictate it to be from an unknown male.
Another thing, if men become friends and acquaintances, and along with a Russian woman is perceived as a sexual partner.
In this case, it can feel an instinctive desire to get close to him, a manifestation which will reduce the distance between her and a man.
However, women do not behave in a straight line. Rather than invade the personal space man all over, she will do it alone, arm, leg, knee. It generally can be whatever her personal item that is placed closer to the man.

If a man wants to continue the relationship, it should always respond to this gesture of Russian women, with restraint and with a smile, expressing his approval.
Otherwise, it otpryanet, will treat him more impersonally and in the future is unlikely to repeat this, until the man himself does not manifest itself. Adequately respond to the Russian woman a man can, pridvinuvshis to it.

Two. "Accidental" Touch
The word "random" in quotes is not accidental. The fact that Russian women will never touch a person who is not pleasing to them, or without specific intent. Especially when it comes to tying relationship with a man.
However, as in the case of the reduction in distance of a Russian woman must find a delicate way to touch a man to get noticed. To do this, is commonly used set of circumstances. And the touch of woman to man can be skillfully woven into a Russian woman in these circumstances.

The most common feminine gesture of a man's removal from clothing (such as a sweater), real or imaginary lint. Woman as a result of the order of appearance of the men, and at the same time for him, giving him a sign.
That's what this says Leil:
"Perhaps she touches your arm when you're a joke, take you by the wrist, making it appear that it is necessary to look at your watch, or" accidentally "touch your foot of his.
Believe me, there is no negligence here and there is no trace. Everything is carefully calculated and thought out move, with which it wants to monitor your reaction. "
"She never touches him who she does not like. If she touched you, your response should be similar and positive. Otherwise, the woman decides that:
a) you're as cold as a fish, which even the worm is too tough, or
b) it is you are just plain wrong.
By adopting this or that decision, she crosses out immediately you from my memory. "

In other words, a woman is testing a man for what he refers to it and what its future intentions towards her. And she expects from him a response to a "stimulus."
Therefore, if a man decides to continue the acquaintance with a woman, he should always respond to her gesture.
A man may show rotation of the head and a smile that he saw and is in favor of a gesture, or respond to it in the same light touch.
At the same time you can go further and put his arm around her - look at her reaction. Or take the hand, it is best to right. This will be an excellent test of the reaction.
The main thing for men in any adequate way to understand the woman that he had noticed her gesture and approves it.

Three. Slope
In other cases a woman may decide that intrude into the personal zone or man to touch it is not appropriate or not well. Then she just bends over to the man.
A man should simply be aware of this gesture, and never step back from the woman if he wants to continue dating.

4. Playing with hair
The gesture shown by women, as well as tilting of hair behind her ear, I have seen quite often.
If the man in conversation with a woman notices that she began to pull at their hair, then he should not doubt that he is sympathetic to her, and she wants to further develop relations.
Young women can also combine the game with an inclination of the head hair and exposure of the neck.
As in the previous sections, if a man is interested in further acquaintance he should respond to this gesture.
Cheat on his finger his hair, of course you should not, but you can portray the gesture recuperate hairstyles palm of the hand.

Five. Mirroring
"Mirroring" is a term introduced into use by developers of neurolinguistic programming (NLP).
It is a soft, natural and easy copying of gestures and body positions interlocutor. In NLP is used deliberately to create a rapport that is, the response adequate response interlocutor. In order to manage it.
In our case, a woman can do it unconsciously, feeling sincere sympathy to the man.

That's what this says Leil:
"It can even be used as a test. Raising his glass, see if she raised her own. Put your elbow on the table and see if she will make the same thing. Here's another hint: copy of its motion to set a subconscious feeling of similarity. The woman will be very comfortable with you, but the reasons she did not understand!
Smart women, especially those who are familiar with NLP, often use this "mirror" effect to establish a connection with someone. If it does so deliberately, that's fine! This means that you liked it. "

6. Stroking a
This gesture means a demonstration of sexual interest in men. Woman as a gently begins stroking himself.

7. Biting items
And this gesture, as well as the previous one, implies a demonstration of sexual interest in men. The woman carried away by a man takes in his mouth any object such as a toothpick, and begins to bite.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How fast like when meeting

The first meeting, the first impression - starts with two of any communication. Friendly party, conference, banquet, club, underground or street - there are many places where you can meet those we are interested. How we behave when we want to meet?
Should I start? How to build a fellowship? Introduction to be successful, we need to have time to do many things at once: interesting interlocutor, to establish good rapport with him, ask him to tell something about themselves, show their strengths while at the same time not to bend to the "self-promotion."
For a more detailed study of this process, my colleague Ian Mikael arranged in a Moscow youth clubs, private parties according to the type of "fast dating". With this format, dating young men and Russian women communicate in pairs at tables a few minutes, and then transplanted to adjacent, but in the end the evening make a choice.
Questionnaires that participants filled out dates during the experiment showed that the choice of partner does not depend on our fantasies about what qualities (confidence, intelligence, sociability, sense of humor), he must possess. When choosing a partner, we forget about what qualities would like to see it before the meeting. Western studies have confirmed that this also applies to weight, height, age, previous marriages and children, education, ethnicity, religious affiliation.For the sympathy of the behavior is much more important on a date, the course of the conversation.Among the strategies for winning, and dating is not very much. Russian girls, for example, appreciate the potential partner in a non-standard: an unusual beginning of the conversation, unexpected questions and topics. It is well known street Pickup Girls who love to cause their "victim" of a light confusion (kryshesnosy, new oupenery). A good impression when meeting the initiative of men, their activity and talkativeness, assertiveness and passivity and silence rather repel.
In Russian girls also attracted their ability to create comfort and ease of communication, interest in the conversation. Well, unconventional, too, is valued highly. Contrary to popular belief, young men rather depressing tendency of girls to pass on to them the responsibility for the development of the conversation.
The foregoing does not apply to long-term relationships - in their own logic and accents. Of course, the absence of the first bright impression has a strong influence on the further the novel, but it may fade in the background of talents and strengths, which we gradually reveal in a partner. The benefit of life - is not a "quick meeting" and usually provides us with more than 5 minutes to learn and to feel human.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Russian pink fur ladies hat

"This is as expected, and where supposed to." Rascal, are you talking about ghosts, if you know them from the cradle! But in any case, you memorize his lesson well. Perhaps you can tell whose it was a ghost?
- Of course I can! - Jacob replied, grimly, and nodding his head triumphantly.
Mr Dempster had already made several attempts to kill his pupil. At this time, he interrupted the boy so strongly that it was heard. - Excuse me, Miss Golkomb - he said. - I venture to note that you only encourage bad inclinations boy, asking him these questions.
- I'm just going to ask him another question, Mr. Dempster, and will be completely satisfied. Well, - russian women continued, turning to the boy - whose is it a ghost?
- The ghost of Mrs. Farley - Jacob replied in a whisper. The impression which it made a tremendous response
Miss Golkomb fully justified concern teachers who tried to interfere with conversation. Flushed with anger,  rushed on to the little Jacob so angry and fast, that he broke out of fear the new flood of tears. But she immediately russian women himself in hand and without saying anything to him, asked the teacher. - It is useless to consider the child responsible for his words - russian women said. - I do not doubt that someone else has inspired him to this folly. There is no one in the village, which would not be obliged to anything my mother, and if there is just try to forget about respect and gratitude to her memory, I will find them. If I have a drop of influence on Mr., they paid dearly.
- I think - no, more than I am, Miss Golkomb that we are mistaken, - said the teacher. - All this from start to finish just russian women this stupid boy. He saw, or he thought he saw a woman in white, as he walked through the cemetery last night. This figure was as if a marble cross, which everyone knows Limmeridzhe as a monument over, Mrs. Fairlie's grave. That was enough to prompt the boy to answer that, of course, so it's time to you.
Miss Golkomb obviously felt that the explanation of a school teacher too wise to be open to challenge, though, apparently, was not quite agree with him.

Russian pig having sex with girls

What does this mean? What happened?
This bad boy scared the whole school, claiming that yesterday evening saw a ghost, - replied the teacher. - He stubbornly insists on his silly fiction, despite all my entreaties and arguments.
- It is amazing! - Said Miss Golkomb. - I never thought that some boys have enough imagination to see a ghost. I sincerely wish you cope with this addition to your heavy task - to educate young minds in Limmeridzhe, Mr. Dempster, and successfully eradicate their superstition. In the meantime, let me explain why I'm here and what I want.
Russian women asked the teacher the same question we asked almost everyone from the village. Followed the same discouraging answer Mr. Dempster, and have never seen the other ones we were looking for.
- Perhaps we can go home - said Miss
Golkomb. - The information that we need, we are obviously not
She bowed and the teacher was ready to get out of class, when the sad figure of Jacob Postlveyta, plaintively russian women in place of repentance, attracted her attention. She stopped to take a parting cheer the little prisoner. - You're silly, - russian women said - why do not you. apologize to Mr. Dempster and withhold language about the ghosts!
- Well, I also saw it! - Persisted Jacob Postl-Waite, and his eyes bulging with horror, choked with tears.
- Stuff and nonsense! Nothing like you could not see! Ghost! Here's how! What kind of a ghost ...
- I beg your pardon, Miss Golkomb - the teacher said with some embarrassment - I think it is better not to question the boy. It is incredible stuff, and may unwittingly ...
- Can ... what? - Quickly asked Miss Golkomb.
- Upset you, - said Mr. Dempster, he is clearly upset.
- Right, Mr. Dempster, you flatter me, considering I was so nervous particular, that these inventions may frustrate me. - And ironically, it turned to Jacob. - Come on -  russian women said - Tell me about it. You're a bad boy when you've seen a ghost?
- Yesterday, at sunset, - answered Jacob.
- And, as you saw him in the twilight. On what it was like?
All white, as befits a ghost, - answered the iy mine ghosts with unshakable conviction.

Russian photographers young girls

We went into the yard and went around the building to go to school. Passing by the window, I stopped and looked at him. The teacher sat at a chair, his back to me. Apparently, he lectured students who gathered around him. Only a strong fair-haired boy stood apart from all others on a stool in the corner. Helpless little Robinson Crusoe, alone, lost in his deserted island as punishment for some misdeed.
The door was wide open when we come to it, and the teacher's voice could be heard clearly up to us. We are at 5 minute wasps established a number at the door.
- Well, well, kids - said the teacher - remember what I tell IAM. If our school even though I hear one with a fold of ghosts, all of you no good. Ghosts russian women. They do not exist in the world, but because every boy, to measure them, believe in what is not, as a boy, attending school and panda who believes in what is not, goes against common sense and thus violate the discipline, and therefore subject to strict punishment. All you see Jacob Postlveyta won uproar at the infamous stool. He was not punished for what he said last night he had seen a ghost. He was punished for being too cocky and stubborn to listen to the voice of reason, and persistently insists his ghost, in spite of my words, that the ghosts do not, can not be and never have. If Jacob does not Postlveyt senses, I stick you-Kolocha from it a ghost! And if this would be foolish to repeat after him the rest, I will take action and russian women stories about the ghosts of all the students!
- It seems that we have chosen the wrong time for russian women - said Miss Golkomb, opening the door and resolutely going to class.
Our appearance has made a huge impression on the boys. Apparently, they decided that we had come specifically to see what would smack Jacob Postl-Veit.
- Go home to dinner, - said the teacher. - All but Jacob. He will stand where he stood. Let the ghost to bring him something to eat, if he wants.
When friends and disappearance of hope left for lunch the courage of the young Jacob. He took his hands from his pockets and looked at them and slowly raised it to his eyes and began diligently rubbing his eyes with his fists, accompanying this work fits sniff at regular intervals.
- We have come to ask you something, Mr. Dempster, -. said Miss Golkomb, referring to the teacher.

Russian photo books girls

A cough, which is also mentioned, as I recall?
Yes, even that is true. He pays no attention to the cough, but sometimes it disturbs his friends.
- I believe no rumors, discrediting him, did not reach you?
- Mr. Hartrayt! I hope you are quite valid,
 Livs, not to be influenced by this cowardly letter. -I felt myself blushing, for us, definitely influenced me. - I hope not - I replied shyly. - Maybe I did not have the right to ask this question?
- I do not regret that you asked about this - Russian women said - because I can pay tribute to the reputation of Sir Percival. No rumors, discrediting it, never could be heard either before any of our family, Mr. Hartrayt. He has twice successfully ran for election and passed this test is not profane. The man, who managed it in England - a man with an impeccable reputation established.
I quietly opened the door in front of her and followed her. Russian women did not convince me. If an angel came down from heaven to confirm the truth of her words, even he did not convince me.
We found the gardener for routine work. But from a fool
Man it was impossible to draw. The woman who gave
a letter to him was an old woman. It is he never said a word. It
went towards the ravine. That's all he could tell us
We patiently asked a variety of people in all parts of the village and carefully made inquiries around the Limmeridzhu. But not all of our searches to no avail. Three of the villagers assured us that they saw it was the woman we were looking for, but none of them could describe her appearance and indicate in which direction russian women went. In general, they have helped us to not more than their neighbors unobservant.
Tsasha curiosity soon led us to the edge of the village where the school was once founded by Mrs. Farley. Walking past the building, intended for boys, I offered to calm the conscience finally bring help from the teacher, suggesting that by virtue of his service, he should be the most knowledgeable person in the village.
- I am afraid that at the time when this woman walked past the school - said Miss Golkomb - the teacher was busy giving lessons. Yet try.