Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Russian pantyhose girls

But it is not. Someone started a nasty affair in order to scare russian women sister and stop her marriage. You have seen what I told the gardener in the house include a letter to Miss Fairlie?
- Of course.
- This is an anonymous letter, a vile attempt to discredit Sir Percival Glide in the eyes of my sister. It startled and alarmed her, and russian women barely managed to calm her down, before I could leave her alone and come here. I know that I have no right to consult with you about our family affairs, OZI can not be of interest to you ...
- Excuse me, Miss Golkomb, I feel a lively interest in everything that concerns you, or Miss Fairlie.
- I'm glad you said it. You're the only person in the house, and outside the home, with whom I can consult. Mr. Farley as worn by their nerves and comes in such horror at the slightest thought about some difficulties that apply to him does not make sense. Our priest - a good, but impotent, he can only deal with the affairs of his parish, and our neighbors - just indifferent acquaintances, which can not be disturbed in the minutes of turmoil and danger. Advise: if I should take immediate steps to ascertain who the author of this letter, or wait until tomorrow and turn to the attorney of Mr. Fairlie? Is it worth losing a whole day or not? It is very important. What do you think, Mr. Hartrayt? If the need is not got me in a conversation with you to mention some circumstances, of course, could be considered unforgivable, that now I speak it to you. But after all that had passed between us today, really, I can not take into account that we are familiar with only three months:
Russian women gave me a letter. It began at once, without recourse, like this: "Do you believe in dreams? I hope so, for your own sake. See what they say about dreams in the Scriptures, and hear the warning until it is too late. Last night I dreamed about you, Miss Fairlie, I dreamed that I was standing in the church. I - on one side of the lectern, and the priest with a prayer book in hand - on the other. After a while, went to church two - man and woman to marry. That woman you were. In the wonderful white satin dress, long white transparent veil you look so beautiful and innocent, that his heart sank within me, and my eyes filled with tears. These tears were tears of pity, blessed, my young lady, and instead of pouring from my eyes as tears flowed from all of us, they turned into two light beams that are farther and farther away from me, rushed to the man who stood with you before lectern, until touched his chest.

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